Sunday, August 12, 2012

For lack of better words

I really don't have much to post about. Luckily I am able to use my inlaws computer at the moment beacuse my own is in need of a new charger and that wont be delivered till next week.

I had a really god day today. I took the husband out to a early birthday lunch and we had a grea time. We went to hooters and no not just beacuse he's a guy and theres hot girls but beacuse we enjoy the food there. He got crab and I got a burger and when we each got our fill of our meals we switched. It's really nice to be with a guy who is not stingy with his food and lets me steal off his plate.

After we ate we went for a walk around the stripp mall that was in the same lot as hooters. We did this mainly beacuse we had both had a beer and wile derek can hold his own pretty well I was feeling a bit tipsy and needed some air. I am quite the cheap drunk haha.

After we both let our heads clear and I drooled over a really really really pretty $60 Chef's Knife, we went to Wally World.

WE did the basic shopping thing. I got a new dress which I love and we got 97% of my oldest daughters school supplies. All we need is an outfit for her and some tissues. Thankfully it was all pretty simple.

We had a nice stress free day. The first one I have had in a long time though I know the moment my inlaws come home that stress free day will come to an end.

I really do need to tell you guys about my inlaws and well all of my family but I will wait until I have the saefty of my laptop to do that.

Sorry if this post was not much. I'm lucky I was ablt to do it at all

See ya! ^.^

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