Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Olympics

     I just want to post here, that I'm sorry that my post was late last week. I had it all written out and then I totally forgot to post it so it was really awesome of Mercedes to do so for me. I would also like to say, I haven't really had anything to write about so I turned to Sissi for an idea of what to write about. Since she's watching the Olympics with her family, that was what she suggested.

     Guys, I don't know shit about the Olympics. All I know is that they're in England this year. Pretty pathetic, right? Well, that's what Google is for. And Sissi. I'm not going to write about all the sports themselves because, honestly, I might write myself into a coma trying to do that because I would be so bored.

     Sissi pointed out that there is one gymnastics girl who is like fifteen years old. Fifteen. That is three (almost four) years younger than I am right now. And she's at the Olympics. The fucking Olympics. I can't seem to wrap my head around this. Were they training since they were fetuses?

     When I was about five or six, I took gymnastics for about a year. (The day I learned to do a cartwheel, they closed down. Then we moved.) I remember watching the teenagers who had class before us and I was in complete amazement at the flips and handsprings and cartwheels and all that shit that they would do, non-stop, across the entire gym that we were in.

     These girls, at fifteen and sixteen, have already made their dreams come true before they're even adults while I'm learning about them in awe and jealousy. I can't imagine what it must feel like to be them, to know that everything they've worked for has finally paid off and the whole world is going to be watching them to know what they can do.

     Moving on to the volleyball team, I heard that they were making a big deal about the clothes that they're supposed to be wearing this year. Something about it being too cold or something? I don't know; let me Google it.

     Okay, the main thing I found is that they have a choice this year, to wear the usual bikinis or outfits that suit their cultural beliefs. Um, why the fuck is this a big deal? Honestly, I'd be scared to wear a bikini on national television while playing a sport that would have me running and jumping all over the place. Think about it, just for a second. Would you really want that many people to have a chance to see a massive wardrobe malfunction? And what if your culture is that you don't show skin and that is what you were raised to believe? Not everyone wants to show everything but they should still get a chance to show off those skills.

     On that note, if you look them up or if you're watching them live, they are some seriously gorgeous people. It's like everyone in the Olympics were bred for it or something. They all have the skills and the looks. Are they trying to make us jealous? Because it's working.

     Now, I could look up more stuff about the Olympics, but that would require my slowly over heating computer to do a lot more work. Plus, I don't even know where to begin searching. I've said what I've had to say for the moment so I'll see you all next week (unless you read my blog, in which case, see you all tomorrow).

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