Sunday, July 8, 2012

Welcome to my lair. Please don't step on the rug, it bites!

As I've already said the rug bites so please be careful.

Hi! I'm Mercedes and I am one part of Two Rad Girls. This blog was created because me and my best friend Rachel were bored. It's also in hopes of me being able to post regularly on a blog. Feel free to tell me rug to bite me if I forget to post. haha

So what exactly is this blog about? Well it's all about fun, How-To's, Q&A, Advice, fun photos and whatever we feel like. This is the product of being bored and living way to far away from your bestie to be able to do anything fun together.

Now I'm sure you want to know a little something about me. Well I'm 22 years old and the mother of two beautiful girls and the lucky wife of an amazing man. I am addicted to coloring my hair and currently it is a slightly faded out pink. I need to color it again but just can't seem to find the time.

I love to read, and when inspiration strikes, I love to write. I love photography and hope to be able to take some classes in it one day. For now I just have to go with the flow and enjoy the excitement I feel when I manage to take a really amazing photo.

I am a stay at home mom and I have to say my biggest fear is becoming so bored with my life that I become one of those stepford wives, EEK! The movie was great but there is no way in hell I want to be some loony robot.

Anywho I really hope those of you that choose to read and follow this blog come to enjoy it. We aim to please here. If you have any suggestions, questions or are seeing advice feel free to email Two Rad Girls at

It is an email shared between us but should you want a question answered or advice from one of us more than the other than simple be sure to put our name in the title of your email. 

Also be sure to read the disclaimer below. It will be placed at the bottom of all posts where we offer advice. Also note that if you wish to remain anonymous we will be sure not to name names when posting your questions. Then again if you want to become famous or have a blog of your own you want to direct attention to we can post your info for the world to see!

Until next time!

[Disclaimer: Neither of us are trained or professionals in any way. Most of our advice is meant to be fun and playful, not taken seriously. There are some things, that we will try to help with by offering up our own experiences, but again, we are not professionals. If we are faced with something we do not have the ability to handle, we will redirect you to a hotline that has people more equipped to offer help that we are unable to.]

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